INFOSPHERE SYSTEMS Ltd is an information technology company started in 2012 in Rwanda. Established in response to a need for professional product and service delivery, our vision is to be an innovative business solutions provider in East Africa. Our first line of business is information technology with a focus on end to end solutions from the design, implementation and support. As a General trading company, we also provide supplementary consultancy services and supply of equipment to enable our clients to focus on their key line of business.


Our mission is to create value for our clients by proving innovative solutions and by delivering the goods and services they require in timely and efficient manner. Our prompt services let the client put their focus on their main line of business while we work on the background to ensure their supporting services are operating at an optimum level. Further, through ongoing consultations with our clients, we research and come up with niche solutions to boost productivity and solve our client’s pain points.


Our employees are well skilled and have vast experience in the East African market. In IT, we have skills in Servers and Storage, Networking, Virtualization, Data Center infrastructure solutions, Security, Application integration and consultancy. Through experience in supply and delivery of equipment and machinery, we have efficient operations systems in place to ensure we deliver quality goods from all over the world, thus making us your supply partner of choice.


From our interaction with system manufacturers, we provide quality assurance to guarantee that we deliver genuine products fully supported by the vendors. Through established trade agreements with our suppliers, we are able to ship goods within a short time and thus have our client’s business needs promptly met.


Our main areas of expertise include:


Data Centres, Power & Cooling solutions

Servers and Storage

Networks Integration


Collaboration solutions

Business Continuity Solutions


Oracle specialists

Navision specialists

Tally specialists

I.T Hardware: desktops, laptops, printers, projectors, copiers etc

IT outsourcing Services

Supply of office equipment and accessories

Security systems: CCTV, alarm systems, access control and fire suppression



In the above list of expertise, we have partnerships with the market leaders in the provision of these products and services. This ensures that our clients are guaranteed to receive quality equipment fully backed by manufacturer warranty and at the same time ensures that the system vendors are involved in the design phase as we carve solutions to suit our client’s business needs.


We keep researching on the new solutions coming up in the market and seek to build partnerships with the solution providers in order to work closely with them in solution design, implementation and support.